Proposal Writing in Burkina Faso

In mid June, AGDEN hosted a workshop in Burkina Faso on proposal writing. From the evaluation of the participants at the end of the 2 day workshop, the workshop content and training method was effective and valuable. 

The workshop was attended by ten participants from Burkina Faso and one from Niger with an equal number of men and women. It was facilitated by Gunter Rochow, the President of Capra International Inc.

The participants were taken through a training based on Benjamin Boon’s principles on cognitive learning. The participants learnt how to develop and assess proposals through theory, presentation and practice. 
In the theory sessions, participants were taught how to identify and create different types of proposals. Specific topics covered were the technical structure, financial aspect and the quality of a good proposal. 
Also covered was a discussion on how to make the decision whether or not to go forward with investing in creating a proposal considering the time and money costs required. 
Participants then worked in three groups to develop proposals that reflected what they had learned. After developing their assigned proposals they presented this back to the other participants who then rated the proposals. 
The three proposals were all very highly rated by participants as well as the facilitator. The final evaluation also indicated that the participants felt better equipped to create more effective proposals when back in their organizations.

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