New Chair of the Board of the Africa Gender & Development Evaluators Network

Dear AGDEN Members,

After a long, frustrating and inconclusive search for a new, committed and experienced individual member to lead the Network to new and greater heights, Madri Jansen van Rensburg a member since 2009 graciously accepted the challenge to take and carry the leadership of this important continental association which has been in dire need of rejuvenation. I am truly delighted to introduce to you the Chair of the Board of the Africa Gender & Development Evaluators Network. I know that Madri has great passion for the work which AGDEN does and strongly believe that with her leading we will have and enjoy a truly remarkable journey.

Do join me on behalf of the board and members in welcoming our new exceptionally qualified Chair. 
Madri Jansen van Rensburg is a passionate social and health scientist with more than 25 years experience in the academic, NGO and private sectors. Her first PhD in Psychology investigated gender based violence from different perspectives including survivors, health practitioners and caregivers. Her other PhD in Consulting Psychology (Organisational/Industrial) was a forensic analysis of a regional organisation. She currently works as a researcher, evaluator and organisational development specialist in various southern, central and east African countries. She is the founder of Resilience Analysis Consulting, based in South Africa.
Florence Etta
Vice Chair

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AGDEN strives to influence policy that guides evaluation practice in the member countries, Africa region and on a global platform, with the aim that gender and human rights are considered in the evaluation of global initiatives.

In a Nut Shell
The African Gender and Development Evaluatorsí Network (AGDEN) was established in 2002 by the African Evaluators Association (AfrEA) and UNIFEM.

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