Team from the AGDEN visits the Department of Sociology and Social Work

On Friday November 15th 2013 a team from the African Gender and Development Evaluation Network (AGDEN) visited the Department of Sociology and Social Work. The AGDEN Team included the Chair Ms. Enid Kaambuga, Vice-Chair Dr Florence Etta-AkinAina and Board Secretary Mrs Grace Okonji. They were hosted by the Chairman of the Department of Sociology and Social Work Dr Robinson Ocharo and Dr Edward Ontita from the same department to discuss possibilities of long-term collaboration between AGDEN and the University of Nairobi.

In the discussions the AGDEN representatives explained their desire to team up with the department in order to create synergy between research and practice in the area of mainstreaming human rights in monitoring and evaluation. Dr Ocharo welcomed the partnership and promised to work closely with all actors to grow it. AGDEN Chair Ms Enid Kaambuga promised that her team will complete her part of MoU in the coming week and send it to the university.
Since inception AGDEN has maintained an office with a secretariat and program staff as appropriate in Muthaiga, Nairobi. In order to create synergy and grow her impact in Africa, AGDEN and Department of Sociology and Social Work are now linking up with a view to strengthening her research wing and providing development practice opportunities for academia. Given that AGDEN takes a multi-disciplinary approach to her work, it has chosen the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) as the entry point in order to link up with the many actors and variety of disciplines housed in the college.
In the coming months, AGDEN which has strong linkages with many donor organizations will start working with her members and associates the University of Nairobi. While doing this AGDEN will remain faithful to her vision, which is ‘to be a network of excellence and innovation in Gender & Human Rights Responsive Development Evaluation’. This vision certainly jells with the university’s which is ‘a world class university committed to scholarly excellence’. Watch this space.

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AGDEN strives to influence policy that guides evaluation practice in the member countries, Africa region and on a global platform, with the aim that gender and human rights are considered in the evaluation of global initiatives.

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The African Gender and Development Evaluatorsí Network (AGDEN) was established in 2002 by the African Evaluators Association (AfrEA) and UNIFEM.

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