AGDEN Networking at PAN Symposium

On 17th and 18th of May Africa Gender and Development Evaluators Network (AGDEN) participated in PAN’s (Parenting in Africa Network) regional symposium. The forum which was held in Nairobi, was attended by PAN members and its partners with the aim of enhancing networking at the regional level for organizations with shared objectives. 

“The platform and potential of working with the PAN group was one of the main benefits of attending the symposium” said Nyambura Gathumbi of AGDEN on attending this year’s PAN symposium. 

Nyambura represented AGDEN in the symposium and gave a presentation to those in attendance. The presentation she delivered showcased AGDEN’s work and was a fantastic marketing opportunity of AGDEN’s work in the region. In fact, a few participants expressed interest in becoming members of the AGDEN network. 
“After my presentation, three people approached me interested in becoming members of AGDEN”, Nyambura reported. “I have since sent a form to Lilian from an NGO based in Uganda, and awaiting response from Trevor from Zimbabwe and Mary from Kenya”
Additionally, the presentation revealed a common platform for AGDEN and PAN to work together in the region. AGDEN was invited to participate in one of PANs thematic groups Research and Advocacy, and also to become a member of the Kenyan chapter of PAN charged with promoting the work of PAN and also collaborating with other organizations. 
AGDEN there is a niche there in terms of capacity to develop M& E systems and AGDEN has the expertise. They can be clients as well as partners
The format of the symposium was done by dividing participants into task forces that were essentially groups focusing on specific thematic issues relevant to the work of their organizations. Nyambura chose to work in the task force on research and information dissemination in tandem with AGDEN’s core mandate and forte. 
In light of the fact that organizations may be limited in accessing learning opportunities or knowledge of what other organizations are doing in a similar field, the PAN secretariat committed to continue pursuing knowledge and resources outside of the network and sharing this with the task forces.  This will be through collaboration with institutions, researchers and other forums geared to enhance learning.  
AGDEN hopes to continue participating in the activities of PAN and vice versa so that the two networks can learn and enrich each other’s work.
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AGDEN strives to influence policy that guides evaluation practice in the member countries, Africa region and on a global platform, with the aim that gender and human rights are considered in the evaluation of global initiatives.

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The African Gender and Development Evaluatorsí Network (AGDEN) was established in 2002 by the African Evaluators Association (AfrEA) and UNIFEM.

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