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The African Gender and Development Evaluators’ Network (AGDEN), established in 2002 by the African Evaluators Association (AfrEA) and UNIFEM aims to strengthen the effectiveness and gender responsiveness of development programmes and projects to human rights. It is a Special Interest Group of the African Evaluation Association. AGDEN web pages are embedded in the AfrEA website – url- www.afrea.org
AfrEA was established in 1999 to break the isolation of African evaluators, build capacity and provide networking opportunities.  It has 16 constituent evaluation networks and associations.  The objectives of AfrEA are:
  • To promote useful evaluations that support development in Africa.
  • To encourage the development and publication of high quality evaluation practice, research and theory development based on African and expertise.
  • To advance the building of evaluation capacity on the continent.
  • To help establish, develop and support national African evaluation associations and regional evaluation interest groups.
  • To facilitate networking and information sharing on evaluation in Africa.
  • To be a reference point for evaluation information relevant to Africa.
  • To promote and share African evaluation expertise at relevant regional and international forums and events.
The Vision of AGDEN is accountability, social justice and equity in African development.
The Mission of AGDEN is to foster (project, programmed and policy) accountability, facilitate just and equitable development in Africa through entrenching the values of effective gender and rights based participatory monitoring and evaluation.
The Objectives of AGDEN are as follows: 
  1. To promote, undertake and/or facilitate research, training and advocacy in gender and rights based participatory monitoring and evaluation.
  2. To create best practice models, tools and techniques for gender and rights based results oriented participatory monitoring and evaluation.
  3. To ensure that a gendered approach is entrenched in the evaluation of development and in development evaluation.
  4. To develop the capacity of network members, M&E practitioners, and managers of development projects and programs for deep understanding of gender and human rights issues, concepts, tools and techniques so that they  routinely conduct gender and rights based analyses of their development work and the outcomes of this work..
  5. To influence policies and development practice at national, regional and continental levels towards greater accountability and equality through M&E.
  6. To facilitate co-operation, collaboration, networking and learning among members and like-minded individuals and organizations. 

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AGDEN strives to influence policy that guides evaluation practice in the member countries, Africa region and on a global platform, with the aim that gender and human rights are considered in the evaluation of global initiatives.

In a Nut Shell
The African Gender and Development Evaluatorsí Network (AGDEN) was established in 2002 by the African Evaluators Association (AfrEA) and UNIFEM.

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