Current Work Programme

Since 2005, AGDEN hasorganized workshops on rights based M&E for  individuals and organizations as well as roundtables on the roles and responsibility of M&E practitioners in policy making and policy implementation. The RBM&E workshop was among the most popular ones given at the last African evaluation conference showing an appetite and a yearning for the subject matter and its novelty. 
In meeting its mandate AGDEN has developed training draft modules on engendering of monitoring and evaluation. In the search for knowledge, practical innovativeness, synergy and complimentarity, there is a consistent need for these training modules to be frequently reviewed to ensure positive dynamism, reliability and relevance and new ones developed.
These activities are currently being supported with funding from UN Women and have been for much of the past 5 years. 
Diversity Information:
The Network is acutely aware of the value of diversity and the specializations of those admitted to the network testify to this. However most of members are women and although there are a handful of men in the network it is important that more men are admitted. Consequently the ongoing membership drive seeks to have more men become members.AGDEN also continues to design and propose project activities that will encourage men and other minority and underrepresented groups.
As the table above shows only two of the board members are men. Others are women who however represent a broad cross section of the cultural diversity on the continent. More efforts will be made especially when filling the vacant positions in the board to ensure the gender gap is being closed or brought closer to parity.

Since there more staff positions yet to be filled, efforts will also be made to reflect gender parity and representativeness at the minimum. 



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AGDEN strives to influence policy that guides evaluation practice in the member countries, Africa region and on a global platform, with the aim that gender and human rights are considered in the evaluation of global initiatives.

In a Nut Shell
The African Gender and Development Evaluators’ Network (AGDEN) was established in 2002 by the African Evaluators Association (AfrEA) and UNIFEM.

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